Jay S. Weiner is an Accomplished Businessman

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Jay S. Weiner is not a newcomer to the industries of marketing and sales. He is a seasoned veteran who has proven that he knows what he is doing. With over three decades of active learning and experiencing the marketing and sales industries, it is no wonder he is considered an expert on the fields.

Jay S. Weiner has a depth of knowledge concerning marketing and sales that would be the envy of many professionals and has been the envy of many competing companies. The running, and then the funding, of financial and professional organizations is Jay S. Weiner’s specialty and this business-art-form is the result of a depth of knowledge and skill when it comes to leadership and business acumen.

Jay S. Weiner is an accomplished businessman in all respects. He lives in North Andover, Massachusetts, now and wants to be able to convert his experience, skill-sets, and knowledge into a high level position at a firm or organization. He would also like to be able to build his own firm or organization. Weiner’s strength is in the running and funding of companies in the financial industry. Indeed, Jay S. Weiner has already been the owner and President of two enterprises.

Jay S. Weiner has run a number of companies and has been involved in the financial mortgaging industry since 1982. His unique experience means that he has held every position from Branch Manager to owner or a mortgaging company.

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